UAI$: History of Why Your Paycheck is No Longer Worth a House & How New Artificially Intelligent Currency Can Fix It

What is UAI$ Currency?

Udja Artificially Intelligent Silver(UAI$) is the official currency of Aaru.
It’s 1 Grain of Fine Silver backed by Artificial Intelligence enforcing silver grade investments.

History of US and Most Currencies
Most currencies eventually crash because of the greedy humans managing it. Greedy banks print, spend and loan out zillions of tons of dollars then when people start requesting their gold or silver the banks don’t have any gold to give them.

The United States’ history with the Gold standard can be broken down into five periods. From 1792 to 1862, the dollar was backed by a bimetallic system of both Gold and Silver. This period was followed by a fiat monetary system until 1879. The nation held a full Gold standard from 1879 to 1933, when a partial Gold standard followed between until 1971. Finally, from 1971 to the present day, the United States again holds a fiat monetary standard.

Why Gold or Silver is Needed?

Like Jafar says the Golden Rule is “whoever has the gold makes the rules lol”. Basically in times of war, other nations may not accept your printed paper but they still accept gold & silver. In war times you may need other nations to help you win the war. In war time you may need soldiers, mercenaries, and weapons from other nations help you protect your homeland. This is like the main reason why gold or silver is important because in war times gold & silver can pay other nations to help protect your homeland.

Today “Every U.S. County Has an Affordable Housing Crisis” part of this is because the money Americans work for is not valuable enough to provide or protect their homeland. The US had a full gold standard till 1933 they downgraded it to a partial gold standard, then in the 1940s the gov started printing tons of money to try end a depression & instantly the price of houses doubled. Next in 1971 the US ended the gold standard, printed tons more money & bam price of houses doubled, tripled & quadrupled. Without gold or silver your homeland is much less secure this why many people working all day and night for US dollars today can’t afford a home because their currency not valuable enough to pay mercenaries to take some land for them. I watched my dad work in construction his whole life, he built houses & buildings all over town yet he died homeless because the US dollars he earned did not do much for him. I see other extremely talented people working 24/7 earning US dollars yet can’t afford a home.

I was working all day & night doing construction, computer Internet services and more yet I could see with competition increasing, price of houses going up & currency losing value I was gone end up homeless if I would have allowed myself to get too old in there. So while Im still young enough to build a new way, I moved to middle of the desert near Mexico, built my own underground house & started building houses for our people Aaru Nation. After studying the history of all the currencies of today, I invented UAI$ to be the currency of Aaru.

How Udja Artificially Intelligent Silver is Different?
Udja Artificially Intelligent Silver(UAI$) currency is different because we don’t have greedy bankers printing a zillion paper dollars, spending it & giving low interest loans to all their best friends.
Udja Fine Silver Currency has artificially intelligent computer programs that keep track of who receives an Udja Loan and insure they invest it wisely.
People that receive Udja Loans
-Borrowers are required to use the loan to buy/invest in assets that are at least as good as investing in silver, guaranteed to keep most its value overtime, increase in value overtime or overtime saves more than it cost.
-Borrowers are required to keep the valuable assets on their land in Aaru or if it’s a digital asset it must be on Aaru servers & Aaru has rights to the digital asset till the full Udja Loan is paid off.

These artificial intelligent computer programs allow all our people to get loans they need to buy land, build homes, grow businesses and help build our Aaru nation yet the program also controls the trade center that will block borrowers from making bad investments helping keep our whole nation more secure, stable & valuable.

Like they say “a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Udja Artificially Intelligent Silver(UAI$) currency is designed to prevent most the bad things that happen to other currencies.

AI Preventing Depressions
Most time with a gold or silver currency you would have a constant fight between the gold and the people. Should the nation invest into protecting the gold or should the nation invest into providing for the people. If the nation invests more into gold and not the people then that is like one of the things that caused the great depression from 1929 to 1941 but in like the 1940s the government President Roosevelt backed off the gold standard and printed a lot more currency to give to the people yet that caused the price of houses to double, triple & quadrupled so now people got money yet that money is not valuable enough to buy a home.

Udja Artificially Intelligent Silver solves this problem by offering and giving loans to everybody & anybody because UAI$ is like having Warren Buffett in your pocket, the AI prevents borrowers from making bad investments. Borrowers are required to use the loan to buy/invest in silver grade assets that are at least as valuable as silver. Silver grade assets can be land, building homes, building supplies, tools used in a business or trade, plants for a farm or garden, support internet digital assets, education, training, clean energy, books, promotional materials for business, machinery for manufacturing, wood to build a chicken coop anything that is at least as valuable as silver because if they fail to pay off the loan then the silver grade assets will serve as the collateral and Aaru could sell those silver grade assets to get more silver to back the UAI$. UAI$ empowers the people to prevent depression & protect the value of the currency so we have some silver to trade with other nations if a big war starts.

Why Silver & Not Gold?
Silver has like a fairly stable value and it’s more abundant than gold meaning that we can grow expand with stability without too many limits. Plus viewing ancient Kemet marriage contracts and more we see ancestors traded a lot with silver.

How a currency is generated?
Today many people are talking about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. The way Bitcoins are generated is by people with high speed computers completing very complex math problems if they answer the math problem correctly they will be given some Bitcoins. Many problems with this is there is no gold/silver standard or any physical asset involved so in time of war satellites could get shot down, Internet & power gird shut down then all the Bitcoins are lost without connection to Internet servers you would have no value in wartimes, natural disasters or if anything takes out the Internet servers you will lose all value. Plus its a waste of time, so called Bitcoin miners have to spend all day and night trying to solve random useless complex math problems generating no real physical value.
Fiat Currencies
The other type of currency like US dollars and most currencies in the world are called fiat currencies and the way they are generated is mostly by banks giving loans/mortgages to people buying houses. In the US if someone puts 1 dollar into the bank then that will allow the bank to be able to give out 10 dollars in loans/mortgages and this is how US dollars are generated. Problem with this is the type of houses they give loans/mortgages for are not silver grade assets. Most their houses are made of wood, rot, leaky roof, inefficient heating & cooling, termites and bring a whole list of new costs and losses making the currency lose value.
UAI$ is generated by the earnings our people gained from their silver grade assets. Like if a borrower gets a Udja Loan uses it to buy some land, start a garden, grow and sell fruits or use it to buy tools to help with manufacturing goods for sell & more. Then the borrower is able to pay the loan back with interest, allowing us to get more silver and create more UAI$. UAI$ is generated by helping our members have successful silver grade investments. UAI$ helps motivate borrowers to get their assets to producing efficiently as quickly as possible so they can pay off their loan, own their productive silver grade assets, live a enhanced life while helping build a better more stable & efficient nation for all our people.

Udja Artificially Intelligent Silver is the next stage of currency evolution. It’s the silver bullet if any war starts we got some value to trade help protect our homeland plus its generous able to give infinite loans to help people flourish.

Now you can buy land and start building your house today by joining Aaru & getting a Udja Loan 100% of applicants are approved & our AI will help you invest it wisely.

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