The World is Changing From Monotheistic(1 god) to Polytheistic(many gods & goddesses)

Ankh the world is changing from monotheistic to polytheistic. Its no longer 1 white god rules all. Now its many gods and goddesses

Im a god here and you a god or goddess over there and thats good.

world is changing to polytheistic. More like nature, So disciples lost.. Nature dont have much support for disciples

Neteru gods & goddesses dont have any disciples. You cant just walk up or walk in, here you have do initiations earn acceptance

The initiations help you find the neteru gods and goddesses within you.

No point in neteru talking to you if you not initiated you not gone be able to comprehend anything they say.

Neteru gods & goddesses not turning water into wine, not doing any magic tricks for disciples.

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