Supermassive Black Hole Powers the Galaxy, Here is How to Access Black Power in 3 Easy Steps

Over 95% of the universe is dark energy & at the center of every galaxy is a super massive black hole powering it. The universe is black powered yet why are so many black people struggling? because they dont know how to access their own black powers.

In this post Im going to explain some of how to access black power.

1. If You Not White, Stop Trying to Be White!
If you not white then don’t try to be white. When blacks dress white in shirt & tie, speak all proper, trying to be white is basically like saying “I really look up to the white people, see me trying to dress white, walk white and talk white, I so wanna be white & this is probably why you should go do business with the real white people and not this unprofessional fake white person wanna be.”
When you try to be white, you just promoting & recommending people go to your white competitors. Plus trying to be white is like forfeiting and abandoning your black powers. Black power like everything else takes time to learn. If you not putting time into learning and practicing black ways then you wont be very good at it.

2. Be Silent & Listen to Your Ancestors. Culture, the Universe, Nature, Gods & Goddesses.
Like this page for example is knowledge that will never be on TV, never be in a white university, never be mainstream. Most the knowledge of how to access black power is not in the light, its in the darkness. Its not loud its a small whisper and you have to be silent to hear it.
Many people think knowledge only comes from white man, if its not a white university then its not good enough to get you a high paying job at a white company. Yet this is how so many get robbed and ripped off, like your account password its best to keep it hidden, lot of knowledge will no longer work if its told to everybody and out loud on TV in white university to a zillion competitors getting it. Dark/hidden knowledge is much more effective at getting good results because that way you dont have a trillion competitors using the same method you use and you able to do it without others stealing your resources. But yeah be silent get the ancestors knowledge its the best most powerful knowledge yet nobody want its, its perfect advantage.

3. Black is Not a Niche Market, over 95% of the Universe is Black, Black is Not a Niche
Lots of Black Pride people try to serve & hire blacks only yet it doesn’t really work to good because black is not a niche market. Zillions of black people out here yet when you try to sell something that’s designed for blacks you get almost no customers, why? Because blacks don’t need anything that other races don’t need. Like for example dogs could be a niche market, you can sell dog toys, dog food, dog chain, dog tic removal kit and tons of other stuff that dogs need.  But blacks, you may find some things that only black people like, but you can’t really find anything that only black people need.  Like if you try to design houses for blacks only, blacks don’t really need those houses and with all other races not allowed to buy them it only makes the value of your houses drop because when blacks know its for them only and they don’t have to compete with anyone for it then blacks will not appreciate it they will treat it like trash and it’s just not good.  Whenever you try to make something exclusive for blacks only, then the value of it is gone rapidly drop because blacks don’t need it & now that other races cant buy it the value of it falls fast.
If there was something that only blacks need like if blacks could not see and needed a specific type of glasses that give them the ability to see. Then blacks would be a niche market you could sell those glasses for blacks only and they would need to buy it from you and the value of the glasses would not drop. But when you trying to sell stuff that blacks don’t really need and you try to say oh I wont sell to or deal with whites or any other race then the value of your products will rapidly drop because blacks don’t need it, they will treat it like trash and other races not allowed to buy it so you have no progress.
When we look in ancient kemet painting we see lots of diversity many different skin colors, this is key we have to have diversity and have our products be made available to everyone possible & work with everyone possible because serving blacks only or working with blacks only will only make your value rapidly drop. Again diversity is key to accessing black power like if you design something for whites only then all the blacks will want to buy it. Yet if you design a product for blacks only then blacks will treat it like trash & others can’t get it so its value drops. We design everything for diversity for all races.

Now put all 3 of these building blocks together, 1 dont try be white, 2 be silent listen to the universe. 3 dont fall into the trap of trying to serve blacks only. If you be yourself, listen to the universe & use the knowledge you gain from the universe to serve diversity then you will have gained access to black power you will be able to do work and the definition of power is the ability to do work.

At the center of every galaxy is a super massive black hole & that black hole uses its black power to serve blue stars, white stars, red stars, yellow stars over 400 billion different types of stars and more. If a black hole only served other black holes then they would all collapse in on each other and there would be no galaxies.

Listen to the universe, gain the knowledge & use the knowledge to serve diversity.

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