Kemetic Science is Older & Larger Than Egypt

There is many Nubian pyramids in Sudan that are much older than the pyramids in Egypt,

Sudan’s Meroe Pyramids are older plus it’s easy to see that Egyptians copied some of their designs. The largest pyramid in the world is in Mexico, the Great Pyramid of Cholula, actually called Tlachihualtepetl, Its base is four times larger than the Great Pyramid in Egypt and it has like twice the volume, huge pyramids in China also, they even found massive ancient pyramids on Mars.

Basically Kemetic Science was here before Egypt, Kemetic Science has been practiced all over the world and many other planets. Many people today think that Kemetic Science is a Egypt only thing but it’s not. Egypt helped with developing Kemetic Science and ancient Egyptians wrote a lot about it, built a lot of great pyramids but Egyptians did not build the most pyramids, did not build the largest or the oldest pyramids.

Kemetic Science of how to communicate & work with the consciousness of the universe is very ancient it must have been the first thing that man created because our DNA, our brains, heart & all body organs are constantly communicating with the neteru/consciousness of the universe.

Kemetic Science is over a billion years old, they say they found a huge 1.5 billion year old spaceship on the moon with a dreadlocked woman in it. So our people been practicing Kemetic Science long before we created Egypt. We are building pyramids here in Aaru near Mexico and we study and learn from all our ancient ancestors from all over the world and universe.

Duaru teparu ohir neteru
(thanks ancestors and nature)

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