Kemetic Science: How to Master Communicating with Neteru in 4 Simple Steps

Neteru can read your mind, neteru already know what you thinking but how can you get secure confirmed communications/messages from the neteru? These are the 4 main steps I do to get knowledge from neteru/nature.

1. Studying Ancient Ancestor’s Text

The older the text is the better. If text is over 10,000 years old that lets you know that this text has survived wars, governments being changed, religions being changed and over many different ages the people alive felt they needed to keep up this ancient text it somehow served them. This lets us know that there must be some truth in this text if it’s been true for over 10,000 years and every generation decided they must keep up this ancient text is important. It’s not just a trend it’s the truth, this is why first way to communicate with neteru/nature is study ancient ancestor’s text.

2. Study Modern Science

Warning you have to be careful with science. You must know correct scientific method. In the Science world there are a lot of intellectual people and they can let their ego theories interfere with correct scientific method. Correct scientific method is conducting experiments/text and keeping good records of what happens in the experiments. This is what I focus on the results of the experiments. Im not too interested in ego theories or people guessing. Just show me what happens in the experiment thanks. But yeah that’s the second way to communicate and learn from nature is learning through scientific experimentation.

3. Get out in nature and observe for yourself how nature behaves.

Listen to the wind, plants, feel the sun, breathe the air and talk to the universe.

4. Study by Meditating
Just silence listen to the neteru, all of nature lives within us. After you study the ancient ancestor’s text and modern science then you have like a guide or map your mind can follow when you enter the infinite silence. In meditation you have to be able to silence your ego and just listen to the neteru that live within you.

Example to Communicate with neter god Geb
When I was wanting to communicate with the neter god Geb(Earth/solid matter).
1. First I studied all the ancient text I could find. I learn his animal is the goose.
2. Next I studied all the scientific research done on geese. Learned how geese behave and I learned that geese stick together and care for each other. Geese are just like solid matter has like a gravity that pulls it together.
3. When first moved to Aaru and started building our first underground house. It takes some work digging getting closer to the Earth but I found many awesome benefits the underground house has a nice temperature all year round thanks to the Earth’s mass. Wind cant blow down a underground house there could be a huge storm outside but in the underground house Im protected by being closer to the Earth neter god Geb. This like the geese stick together to care for each other there are zillions of benefits come from sticking together uniting with the Earth.
4. Just meditating talking to the neter god Geb in my mind. I am still learning more and more every day the Earth gives us all the silver, carbon, copper, gold, stones and mostly everything we have comes from our father god neter Geb is a great provider. You may have to do some digging but you can get a great underground house with like automatic natural good temperature and tons other great benefits thanks to neter god Geb.

At this point I have had a good long conversation with our father god neter Geb, teaching us to be good providers, to stick together and more.

That about sums up how to master communicating with neteru in 4 simple steps.
Study ancient text
Scientific experiments
Get out into nature
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