Introduction to the Kemetic Calendar, How its Different & Why Having Correct Time is Important

Introduction to the Kemetic Calendar, How its Different & Why Having Correct Time is Important
Without a correct calendar we dont know what time it is or what we should be doing in the universe. This is why today so many people are lost, mass killings, doing crazy stuff, governments collapsing and more because their calendar is out of sync and they don’t know what to do at this time.

Main difference between ancient Kemetic calendar & today’s calendar is Kemetic calendar follows neteru/nature. On the Ancient Kemetic calendar a New Year starts when star Sirius rise but today’s calendar ignores the stars & follow people trying guess when they think a year should start.
In Kemetic Science we first look to nature, Earth, stars, constellations and more to observe exactly where we are in the universe. Then we look to the ancient Kemetic calendar to tell us about what our ancestors recommend we should be doing under this set of stars. Kemetic culture is over 400,000 years old and our ancestors have seen and experienced all the cycles and seasons of Earth. This is why our ancestors text asks us like what stars do you see in the sky above you and then ancient text will let us know the age/time we are in and what actions we should be taking to keep humanity on the correct path to survive and enhance our life.

We see birds watch the sky and take correct action based on the natural clock. Ants observe nature and take correct action based on the timing. All of nature moves in sync with stars/nature. But many people ignore the stars and just try to guess/predict the time based on their guesses.
In 2012 the Age of Hapi(Aquarius) started and most people/governments/religions have no clue why the masses are waking up. Many governments collapsed because they don’t know how to live in this new age. Many religions are being abandoned, we see empty churches and the pastors don’t know what time it is. They are lost and falling into chaos because their inaccurate calendar ignores the constantly changing stars.

Here in Aaru we watch the stars and we listen to what our ancestors calendar recommends we should be doing at correct times. In more advanced lessons we will show how to observe the stars and how to read the ancient Kemetic calendar.
Duaru(thanks) I look forward to working more with you in the future.
Duaru tepawru ohir neteru(thanks ancestors and gods/goddesses)

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