How to Get Out the Matrix

Seems like now days everybody and their mother is trying to find a way to get out of the oppressive white man’s cities. I have to admit getting out of the matrix is not easy but you can do it. The main key is self control you have to stay to yourself, stay silent & stay stacking/saving. First thing you want to be stacking/saving up is knowledge. I started studying electrical engineering when I was a teen because I wanted to build my own power systems, back in those days we was all trying to build free energy systems that work by gravity, magnets or something it was really hard back then. But now days you can get powerful solar panels on line shipped to your location for less than $1 per watt. Yes you dont really need electricity to get out the matrix but you know we not trying to go live naked in the jungle with no power or clean water and stuff. We want be free but also live a good modern quality of life after all our ancestors invented much of today’s modern technology so we have a inheritance right to it. Anyhow the point here is today it is much easier to get out the matrix and still live a good quality life. Its easier but its not easy. But when I consider staying in the matrix, working dead end jobs for 30 or 40 years, paying rent, gas and other crap that I would never own to me thats what would be really hard to work your whole life and end up with nothing. So getting land, building solar power, building our own homes it takes some time and effort but everything we build outside the matrix is stuff that we own forever. So yeah its a challenge to get out the matrix but its worth it, you and your future generations be free own your land, homes, power systems, water systems, farm and more. Its much better than slaving in the matrix for 40 years paying rent and shit for nothing.

Main key to getting out the matrix is sell ego fluff to the Christians. Yes ego fluff, build them some websites, mow their lawn, do their hair, tell them they so smart, so great whatever. Just get paid and DO NOT BUY EGO FLUFF, dont buy shoes, dont buy shirts, dont get a car note, there are many ways you can get old shoes & shirts for free, ride the bus, you can get food for free get it free, the Church giving out boxes of food, go fluff up the Christian’s ego agree whatever, but DO NOT WORK FOR FREE, get paid and save up your money, buy solar panels, buy land in remote locations. Keep studying tons of free videos on youtube. Beg and ask for donations, you are planning to leave the matrix anyhow so it dont matter that people in the matrix think of you, you going to be over 1000 miles away from them so dont be afraid of embarrassment, they say you poor, dumb, retarded whatever, just nicely keep studying, stacking your resources, water filters, knowledge, solar batteries & everything needed to live off-grid. Keep stacking your stuff. Then you can contact us, we have found like the best land for living off-grid tons of sun & wind for clean energy, just enough rain to keep full water tanks. When you ready to jump on a greyhound bus, contact us we will come meet you at the greyhound bus stop here near Mexico. All the people here live off-grid and living good. But to get here you would need have something saved up to help you establish you new stable foundation.

Here you can start small like a seed learn the basics and build up more over time.

Unfortunately today I see lots of blacks who claim to be revolutionaries being ego fluffed. They sell you some red black and green shoes for $150. That just gone keep you trapped in the matrix for longer, you could be using that money to buy land, solar panels, build water systems DO NOT BUY EGO FLUFF. Dont buy anything if its not directly contributing to your off-grid land, home, food, water or farm. A lot of books they try to sell also is nothing but ego fluff because all the info in those books is stuff that you can find on the Internet for free. They just copy stuff off free Internet websites then they paste it into those books they selling you. If you want to get out the matrix, if the book not teaching how build underground house, solar panels or garden then Im not buying it.

Concentrate your efforts into getting out of the matrix, be nice and humble, agree you getting paid before you do anything for the Christians. Get paid, save up and contact us, we help you buy land, build your off-grid home and everything. But yeah the more you have saved up the easier it will be for us to help you get everything you need. We to tons of work on the Internet and more. If you want to work with us, we pay you, provide you with loans and more to help you get off gird.

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“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” The term redpill refers to a human that is aware of the true nature of the Matrix.

Ego Fluff is the blue pill, go to expensive restaurants have them fluff up your ego, waste money on shoes, clothing & other crap that loses its value in like no time you be trapped in the matrix.

the Red pill is be humble, accept embarrassment tell them oh I cant afford that restaurant, I cant hang with you all. Silently stack your wealth buy land, clean energy and get the fuck out the matrix.

duaru neteru
(thanks gods & goddesses)

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