How to Get Land for Free

Many people today in the matrix don’t know how to get land because in the matrix the big banks own nearly everything & you trying to compete against them and their laws is nearly impossible. But studying our ancient ancestor’s text & studying nature I was able to learn like the basics of how to get land by caring for nature.

Amunemope 8:3 says
iri nefrun shi muhenet nit xoto nekat iny et
(do not be greedy for a plot of land)

This is like one of the main reasons why many people can’t get land because they so greedy, they have like 2 dollars & they trying to buy a island in the Bahamas or they trying to buy New York or something.
Next they start thinking oh I need to get 10 million people to donate 1 dollar then we can buy us a island or something and no it’s not working. Next they gone try sell t-shirts or something as if everybody don’t already have enough t-shirts.
But greed is the main thing that prevents people from being able to get land.

Amunemope 8:24-25
24: hebe ohir esoka zas yosaru
(Plough and cultivate the fields)
25: ohir ntek poibo gemi nibi ntek sair
(and you will find all you need)

Ancient ancestors text Amunemope chapter 8 teaches us the best way is to cultivate care for the land. Landowners are much more willing to work with you, sell & give you better deal when they know you are caring for the land & cultivating it. The whole community wants fresh foods and stuff, when they know you are cultivating growing, enriching the land then the local county a lot more willing to help you get what all you need. But when you talking some greedy shit then nobody wants to work with you every particle in the universe will be working to try and stop you.

So much of the Earth is drying out being turned to deserts because ranchers putting too many cows & livestock eat every little plant/tree,

They leaving the land with no mulch to protect the soil microbes. Overgrazing and over harvesting has destroyed much of the biosphere. It’s rare to find real cultivators that know soil microbes and how to repair the Earth. If you not a greedy asshole, if you want to cultivate the Earth then with like 40% of the Earth becoming desert now it’s easy to find land that needs to be repaired. After they have over harvested the land and they can’t get much more out of it they happy to sell to you for cheap especially if they know you going to be taking good care of it repairing the Earth.

After you get a good enough deal on the land it should be just a matter of time, you can start cultivating caring for it & make the land productive then the land can pay for itself and its like you got the land for free because after you improve it, it can pay you much more than it cost.

In ancient Egypt the temple of Amun owned over 80% of the land in Egypt by doing this simple method of buying land after greedy people done overgrazed and over-harvested the land. Temple of Amun buys the land and cultivates it, repair, give to and enrich the soil, make it back productive repairing the biosphere.

White greedy people know how to make guns and shit. So if you black and greedy you in some trouble it would be hard for you to compete against the big greedy banks, they own the government got tanks and shit. You best go for the caring, giving, cultivator plan. Big banks not into caring for soil microbes you would have an advantage in caring for soil microbes.

African Americans may not have the highest IQ but after hundreds of years of slavery, we good at cultivating land. Now that desertification is taking like 40% of the Earth, we can use our talents to help save the Earth plus get free land were our people can finally live a good life.

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