Halloween Was Originally Celebrated as the Feast of Sekhmet & Bast

Halloween was originally celebrated as the Feast of Sekhmet & Bast but you know white people so afraid of goddess Sekhmet they viewed it as something scary and they celebrated it as Halloween the scary day.

Goddess Sekhment is a goddess of healing like when you have a cold or flu virus you need your body to kill all the bad cells & bad bacteria causing your sickness. Whites may fear goddess Sekhmet because she a killer but we celebrate goddess Sekhmet because to us she a healer, we want to kill the flu virus, bad bacteria or parasites. We appreciate goddess Sekhmet killing off evil doers & healing the body, earth & universe.

In Aaru every year we are celebrating the Feast of Sekhmet & Bast.

We starting small but every year we will do more and more giving thanks to the goddess of healing goddess Sekhmet and her little sister goddess Bast

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