Guide to Kemetic Clothing & Accessories

Kemetic clothing is mostly about knowledge and representing parts of nature. Most time Kemetic clothing is very simple like a goddess have on a simple white sheer dress but her accessories is what makes her really Kemetic. We like to keep the clothing very simple because clothing gets dirty & wont last long but the accessories like necklaces, bracelets and more can last for many, many generations. Kemetic accessories are a great way to protect our wealth & provide knowledge to our future generations.

For example we see in King Tut’s tomb paintings,
The lower body accessories and clothing represents physical anatomy.
The goddess is wearing clothing that represents a woman’s anatomy and the god is wearing clothing that represents a man’s anatomy.

The Kemetic collar/necklace represents the waves of Ka energy we are all constantly emitting signals of Ka/life energy and communicating with the universe like cell phone towers.

The Kemetic headdress/hat/crown represents the specific part of nature that we are representing. Like if a woman has on a goddess Mut crown(vulture crown) means that woman represents the mother goddess spirit/part of the universe. Vultures are very good mothers, vultures are the highest flying birds and vultures will take what they need to feed and care for their family. The crown also represents our character traits.

Ankh… I see a lot of people trying to dress in Kemetic clothing and they will have a man dressed in a woman’s anatomy, a woman dressed in a man’s anatomy or a man with a goddess headdress on lol. Please share this page and knowledge with your friends & family so if they want to dress in Kemetic clothing they can do it correctly.

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