Wealth Trinity – Ausar, Auset & Heru Wealth Strategy

Ausar, Auset & Heru Trinity Wealth Strategy

The Kemetic Ausar, Auset & Heru Trinity Wealth Building Strategy got 3 main neteru/gods/goddesses you should get to know and develop within yourself. The Trinity is Ausar, Auset and Heru.


Ausar represents your base income talent, most time when we see the god Ausar he got farming tools in his hands. You may not be a farmer but you must have some type of base income talent. Your talent may be writing, photography, herbal healing, painting, computer programming, cooking or many other things but that is the first thing we must develop & stay active doing your Ausar base income talent. Set some type of quota for yourself like if you are a photographer take at least 10 photos per day, If you a jewelery maker make at least 30 new necklaces per week, If you are a farmer, set quotas on how much you will plow & plant per day or season. Stay active studying, generating value and the sells will come.


Next we want to develop the goddess Auset in you. Auset is the star Sirius, the brightest star in our night sky. The ancient Kemetic calendar starts a new year when the star Sirius rise because she the only star that stays above our solar system. So we know when we see the star Sirius rise that means we have returned to where we started at, the Earth has completed a whole cycle around the sun. She is our guide and this your second point you want become a active guide for others. Today over 7 billion people on Earth and most of them still following a calendar thats based on the ancient Kemetic calendar that looks to Auset Sirius star system for guidance. There are zillions of ways to earn scalable income by guiding others. You can write articles, books, videos, documentaries, help others get connected to suppliers, promote your Ausar base income talent, earn residual income and more. Like Auset guide more and more people get more and more residual income.


Next you want to develop your Heru self. Heru is the protector, the guard. You want to protect your wealth & grow your net-worth. Heru is often represented by a Golden Falcon because gold is a good investment it wont rust or rot. You want to guard your wealth by keeping up, maintaining, restoring your used goods and investing into assets that will gain more value over time.

That is the Kemetic Trinity Wealth Building Strategy

  1. Stay active like Ausar be productive on your base income talent.
  2. Be a active guide like Auset, guide others and earn scalable residual income.
  3. Be a strong protector like Heru the golden falcon, protect and preserve your assets. Invest into golden art and other assets that will gain more value over time.

Duaru(thanks) Ausar, Auset and Heru

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